Wisconsin Public Radio broadcasts the 8th Annual “Writers Read: Gut Instinct.” The program features original works of fiction, non-fiction, twitterature and poetry from writers living in northern Wisconsin and the Twin Ports. The event was coordinated by Julie Buckles and Northland College in partnership with WPR.

Writers from the Chequamegon Bay area and Twin Ports read fiction, non-fiction and poetry before a live audience on Friday, Jan. 26. Judges Cynthia Belmont, Claire Duquette and Gina Kirsten selected 19 writers to read their submissions at Northland College.

Act I features: Janette Christie, Molly Hoeg, Rob Ganson, Beth Palma, Nancy Larson, Kyle Anholt, Carol Dunbar, Avesa Rockwell, Ella Shively, and Lucie Amundsen.

Act II features: Liz Minette, Marie Zhuikov, Maddie Cohen, Felicia Schneiderhan, Brontë Gross, Joel Glickman, Emily Loker, Isabel Jacobson and Laurie Otis.

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