University Place: The Complex Story Behind ‘Some Of The Oldest Rocks In Wisconsin’

By Scott Gordon, WisContext

In a July 27, 2016, talk hosted by the Lafayette County 4-H club, recorded for Wisconsin Public Television’s University Place, Tom Fitz, associate professor of geology, delved into how the Penokees — “some of the oldest rocks in Wisconsin” — took shape. He explored the processes that formed the complex layers of rock making up the range, detailed the benefits the region provides, and discussed the difficulty of balancing different human and environmental needs.

Fitz also pointed out a lot of the beauty simply present in the region’s geology. He even once collaborated with photographer Bob Gross on an artistic photo series inspired by the rocks of the Penokees. Taken with how vividly the Penokee geology illustrates the history of Earth, Fitz said, “it is also beautiful in itself, just to see it.”

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