Senior Kert Wuestenhagen embarks on an adventure every weekend—he wants to take in all he can before he graduates in May. He’s tackled a variety of adventures including biking, hiking, climbing, and kayaking. All have led him to some of the most beautiful and thrilling locations in the region, with friends and solo. With spring officially here, we thought now would be a good time to ask him to tell us more.

He agreed to share his seven favorites.

1. Whitewater Paddling on the Boise Brule River
The Boise Brule River—located about forty minutes from campus—is nationally known as a class one trout stream and a really fun river to run. My friend and I paddled thirteen miles of whitewater through class one-to-two rapids. I was terrified, but it was an amazing rush.

2. Local Waterfalls in Northern Wisconsin
This area boasts some of the most stunning waterfalls in the nation, and I wanted to visit as many as possible over two weekends. I hiked around epic deluges such as Potato Falls and Copper Falls, and ended up seeing nine different waterfalls. Every one of them had their own personality.

3. Sea Kayaking on the Apostle Islands Lakeshore and Chequamegon Bay
The Northland College Outpost has sea kayaking gear available all summer and I relied on them for my water-based adventures. I paddled fourteen miles out into the Apostle Islands then to Castle Rock and Honeymoon Island.  I kayaked local waterways in the region including Fish Creek, Whittlesey Creek, Bono Creek, and along the mainland of Lake Superior, past Houghton Point, Sioux River Beach, Bayfield, and Red Cliff.  A sea kayak allows most anyone to visit any part of the Lake Superior shoreline with a little bit of Outpost-guided training!

4. Mountain Biking at Mt. Ashwabay
Mount Ashwabay is well known regionally for over sixty-five acres of alpine skiing and forty kilometers of cross-country skiing trails. Lately they’ve been investing time and resources into developing single-track mountain bike trails. Although we didn’t have very good bikes, my friends and I made it work and I caught the best view of Chequamegon Bay during peak fall colors.

5. Fishing for Salmon and Trout on the White River
Early fall is an excellent time for fishing in northern Wisconsin. As soon as my friends and I heard about the salmon and trout runs, we got our rods out and headed out. I ended up catching a few brown trout on a spinning rod, a pretty good haul in such a competitive fishing atmosphere.

6. Day Hike & Bike to Penokee Mountains
My friends and I explored this region near Mellen near late summer, using both leg power and bicycles to scratch the surface of this deep forest. I discovered an old trail by chance and started biking and ended up atop one of the best outcrops and views of the Penokees.

7. Rock Climbing at Ely’s Peak
Reaching up to over eleven hundred feet at its highest, Ely’s Peak is a popular spot for hiking, mountaineering, and rock climbing in the north woods. Located near Duluth, a friend and I explored the area, hiking around and eating lunch overlooking the St. Louis River and Lake Superior. Sweet.

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