Lorna Kane-RohloffA photograph of a loon dad and his chick won the hearts and minds of  judges of the 2017 Loon Appreciation Week poster photography competition. Photographer Lorna Kane-Rohloff from Glover in northern Vermont, captured the photo during a mid-afternoon rowboat ride on a nearby lake.

The judges said they appreciated the educational value and the beauty of the photo. What set it apart though from dozens of beautiful loon shots is the foot waggle—”thought to be a comfort movement, possibly used as a means of cooling off,” said LoonWatch Coordinator Erica LeMoine. “It was something we hadn’t seen captured in such an artistic way before.”

Kane-Rohloff’s passion for photography originates from the magic of walking into traditional darkroom in the seventh grade. What became a serious hobby has led her through various facets of the profession—studio and medical photography, audio-visual, and custom lab work. Beyond the 9-to-5, her greatest satisfaction has been photographing the animals and landscapes of her region.

Kane-Rohloff and husband, Brent, volunteer with the Vermont Loon Conservation Project, part of the Vermont Center for Ecostudies. “I wish that everyone could experience the peacefulness of an early morning paddle out in the mist with the loons accompanied by the sounds of their enchanting calls,” said Kane-Rohloff.

The back of the poster includes information about loons and their habitat. Order yours today.

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