Linda Rise ’87 and Andy Noyes ’84 of Ashland, Wisconsin, have left their jobs and are cruising the country for a year as a way to find inspiration and discover the best of who they are. They are traveling in their camper van, visiting Northland College alumni, friends, and family, and performing live acoustic shows in host homes, backyards, and patios.

Andy will provide the music; Linda the logistics.

Andy has worked as a musician since his Northland days, performing at celebrations, weddings, funerals, and for people looking to shake off the work week. With a tour of house concerts, he’s “seeking a deeper chance for music to connect and be really listened to,” he says. “Not as some big focused effort on the listener’s part but simply a casual, quiet place to listen and laugh. Tell some stories. Clear out the noise.”

Be a part of the Tour de Friends: sign up to host an event or learn more here.

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