Occupation: Owner, Irwin Artworks
Major/Emphasis: Studio art with an emphasis in environmental studies ‘03
Hometown: Vermillion, South Dakota
Current location: Council Bluffs, Iowa

Photo of Cait Irwin and mural paintingHow I landed at Northland College.
Being an artist and having a deep connection with the natural world have been two major constants in my life, so when I discovered Northland, it felt like a perfect fit.

The most memorable thing about Northland is more about how I discovered Northland. I first heard of NC before my high school junior year. I was participating in a summer naturalist program and one of the teachers was a NC graduate. After the first day of the program he said, “You would love Northland College!”

During my junior year, I received an information packet from Northland about the summer program “Wild Careers.” The program involved a week of shadowing wildlife professionals while backpacking through the great north woods. I signed up IMMEDIATELY.

When I arrived for Wild Careers something special happened. As soon as I arrived on campus, I heard a voice. Not the typical spoken voice, but the silent voice from your gut. What I heard was “you are home.” I knew then that I would be going to Northland College in the fall.

My intuition was right on point, but it has taken many years to fully realize how influential NC truly was. Not just with the many strong and deep connections I had made with people, or the intriguing coursework, or the many wilderness adventures, but the countless daily experiences that showed me that it was OK to be me. To this day, my Northland College experience still resonates with who I am now.

Currently, I am in the fourth year of operation as owner of Irwin Artworks LLC. My company showcases my artwork, ranging from large murals to sculpture, most often reflecting the wonders of the natural world.

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