• handful of compost scraps

It wouldn’t be right to talk about eating without also mentioning composting. Because it’s something we do at every meal. Even our dorm kitchens are stocked with compost pails. Approximately 28,000 pounds of food scraps are collected annually from the cafeteria and residence hall kitchens. Vegetable and fruit material are composted on campus by student workers and volunteers while meat and dairy-based food scraps go to a local farm and are fed to chickens.

Since student volunteers first launched the campus composting program in 1993, Northland College has kept hundreds of thousands of pounds of food waste out of the landfill. Our compost program is lead entirely by work-study students who manage every aspect, including daily food scrap collection, monitoring the biological process, and final distribution. Our finished compost is used in campus gardens.

The Northland compost program is so successful that we’re in the process of building a new facility equipped with a larger, state of the art composter. We have big plans on where our ramped up compost production will lead.

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