• Northland College student Lily Sevilla collects data at Ashland Cemetery

    Sociology and Social Justice

Seek the fundamental truths.

Why does the world look the way it does and what is our place in it? Sociology provides a unique and diverse way of thinking about these questions. There are many different ways to see the world and those who live in it, and Northland professors are diverse in both their cultural background and world views.

Our faculty emphasize statistics, field research methods, and sociological concepts in their classes every day. You will accompany faculty to professional meetings and participate in student panels, learning from others as they present their research projects and findings. Your experiences will expose you to new schools of thought as you seek fundamental truths about the world.


“My mom taught me that whatever you do, bring environmentalism into it. It’s what brought me to Northland College.” Abby Rose Weglarz ’08, Fashion Designer and Environmentalist of the Year

Program Highlights

  • Diverse Areas of Study

    From politics to economics, media, law, and human rights, you will study the history of every facet of society and how they continue to have an impact on marginalized communities.

  • Travel and Experience Other Cultures

    Experience places like the rain forests of Mexico and Australia, the temple cities of Japan, and the native-run islands of New Zealand as you learn about local cultures and institutions through observations, interpretation, and writing.

  • Find Your Purpose

    You will graduate with an understanding of diverse people and ready to find your place in the world. Our graduates have become professors, social workers, counselors, chefs, entrepreneurs, NGO workers, journalists, public policy experts, community activists, and labor organizers.

Why Northland?

Experiential Learning

An education at Northland involves more than just sitting in lecture halls. We combine classroom learning with immersive field studies and opportunities within the community to create a one-of-a-kind learning experience. Our career-focused curriculum will provide you with the tools and confidence to succeed in anything you do.

Access to Financial Aid

Think all private colleges are expensive? Think again. With 99% of all Northland College students receiving some form of financial aid, you can receive a private school education at a public school price.

Proven Outcomes

A degree from Northland is your pathway to opportunity. Our 10:1 student-to-faculty ratio allows our professors to personally invest in your success, and the results of this approach speak for themselves. 93.5% of our recent graduates are employed or in graduate school.

Full-Spectrum Sustainability

At Northland, we live our sustainability mission every day. Going green is a part of everything we do as an institution and everything you’ll do as a student—from how you’ll live, to what you’ll learn, and ways you can contribute.

Live & Learn in a Natural World

Our location in Ashland, WI, a small, safe community of just over 8,000 tucked along the south shore of Lake Superior near the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore and over a million acres of national forest, creates truly unique educational and recreational experiences.

Work with the Best & Brightest

Our faculty are passionate about learning—and not just student learning. They are dedicated learners and scholars, and that shines through in the classroom and in the field. And they’re more than just teachers. They are mentors who often establish life-long relationships with students.

Ready to take the next step?

Get in touch to learn more and start planning your journey at Northland College.

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