• Students measure waves at beach


Rock solid connections.

Gain a full understanding of the formation and internal composition of your home planet. Our geology major takes you on a full-scale adventure throughout the entire history of Earth, from its formation to the present-day physical, chemical, and biological changes it is still undergoing.

You will study the minerals, rocks, soils, and scales contained within everything. From microscopic particles to vast landscapes, you will discover and interact with the natural world both in and out of the classroom. But it doesn’t end there; you will also delve into how the physical earth has formed the foundation on which all ecosystems exist, gaining insight into how humans and animals have interacted with it for generations.


“It’s the constant stream of new stories and worlds that have me hooked on this field—some worlds are hot, some are cold; some have volcanism and some are full of ice and water, but none of them are flat.” Frank Wroblewski ’19, NASA Intern and PhD Candidate

Program Highlights

  • Build Your Foundation with Core Classes

    Students will study everything from physical geology to sediments and soils, hydrology and geochemistry, geomorphology, minerals and rocks, tectonics and structural geology, and other related fields.

  • Study in the Classroom and in the Field

    Your classroom studies will take you through the history of the earth and your work in the field will show you the remarkable effects time has on earth’s geology.

  • Available as a Major or a Minor

    Choose geology as your primary focus or study this field as a supplement to one of Northland’s numerous other areas of study.

  • Natural History

    Gain in-depth ecological knowledge and skills to help you connect people to nature, preparing you for a career as an outdoor education instructor, naturalist, interpretive park ranger, or environmental educator.

Why Northland?

Experiential Learning

An education at Northland involves more than just sitting in lecture halls. We combine classroom learning with immersive field studies and opportunities within the community to create a one-of-a-kind learning experience. Our career-focused curriculum will provide you with the tools and confidence to succeed in anything you do.

Access to Financial Aid

Think all private colleges are expensive? Think again. With 99% of all Northland College students receiving some form of financial aid, you can receive a private school education at a public school price.

Proven Outcomes

A degree from Northland is your pathway to opportunity. Our 10:1 student-to-faculty ratio allows our professors to personally invest in your success, and the results of this approach speak for themselves. 93.5% of our recent graduates are employed or in graduate school.

Full-Spectrum Sustainability

At Northland, we live our sustainability mission every day. Going green is a part of everything we do as an institution and everything you’ll do as a student—from how you’ll live, to what you’ll learn, and ways you can contribute.

Live & Learn in a Natural World

Our location in Ashland, WI, a small, safe community of just over 8,000 tucked along the south shore of Lake Superior near the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore and over a million acres of national forest, creates truly unique educational and recreational experiences.

Work with the Best & Brightest

Our faculty are passionate about learning—and not just student learning. They are dedicated learners and scholars, and that shines through in the classroom and in the field. And they’re more than just teachers. They are mentors who often establish life-long relationships with students.

Ready to take the next step?

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