• Finding a Sustainable Path

Northland College is embarking on a final, good-faith effort to remain open beyond the current academic year.

On Thursday, April 4, 2024, Northland College’s Board of Trustees declared financial exigency. The decision comes after a March 11 fundraising appeal to raise $12 million dollars by April 3. While the appeal’s goal was not reached, the extraordinary effort and generosity of the College’s donors, friends, students, faculty, staff, and broader community of supporters was the auspice for the Board to explore this final option.

What does this mean?

“Financial exigency” is a term used to describe a college whose survival is threatened because of a financial crisis. Declaring financial exigency does not mean the College is closing.

Declaring financial exigency opens opportunities to restructure Northland in a way that drastically reduces expenditures and preserves the survival of the College.

The $12 million financial appeal the College announced on March 11 ended on April 3. Though Northland did not announce closure after its conclusion and still has great financial needs, we will still honor our commitment to issue refunds upon request for those who made gifts prior to April 4 and contingent upon reaching the goal. Learn more.

To survive, Northland must adapt.

Our goal is to continue Northland’s focus and mission, but doing so will require Northland to adapt. It will not be able to continue as it is today.

This process involves close collaboration with the Northland community to explore various options, which may include refining the College’s focus.

What happens next?

This news presents both hope and uncertainty—and will naturally raise questions about the future of Northland. We are fully committed to supporting a positive student experience through the end of this academic year.

Dedicated committees are leading the process of refining the College’s structure—including academic offerings and faculty and staff positions—and exploring budget options. They are collaborating with each other and other campus stakeholders to develop a proposal that the Board of Trustees will evaluate.

How can I help?

While our $12 million appeal has ended, we still need your support. The generosity of our supporters is deeply appreciated, and it can still make a difference as we navigate the path ahead.

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