Tiffany Sturgal

Head Softball Coach

Headshot Tiffany Hudack
Office:Mead Hall 229
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Earned and Honorary Degrees

MS Health Informatics, College of Saint Scholastica
BS College of Saint Scholastica


I was born and grew up here in the town of Ashland, Wisconsin. I also thrive on adrenaline and love the sport of racing as well as coaching/playing softball. I am a three-time point’s champion (2014, 2016, & 2018) at the ABC Raceway in Ashland, WI, in the division of six cylinder.

Why Northland?

I was looking for a position closer to home and my family.

Student Involvement

I involved students by making them make mistakes and then helping them fix their mistakes. This way the student understands what they are doing and what the correct way is to do it. There are many 'ah ha' moments.


I enjoy racing, sports, fishing, camping, traveling, and run an embroidery business in my spare time.