Sophie Holz

Senior Admissions Counselor
International Student Recruitment Specialist

Sophie Holz
Office:Wakefield Hall 2nd Floor
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Earned and Honorary Degrees

BA Sustainable Community Development, Northland College


I was born and raised on the north shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota. I graduated from the Perpich Center for Arts Education in the Twin Cities with the belief that I would study portraiture in college, but instead found myself drawn to the sustainably-focused community of Northland! I took a gap year between high school and college to live and study the French language in Lyon, France, and since graduating from Northland, spent my winters traveling through Europe. Now, I've found my home once again on the south shore!

Why Northland?

I knew Northland was the school for me from the day I visited campus; my first view of Northland was the front lawn full of students playing frisbee, walking on slack lines, and hanging in their hammocks!

I chose to go to Northland because of the interesting programs that I hadn’t heard of before—I majored in sustainable community development—the small size of the campus and classes, and the community. I stayed because of the opportunities to get involved in causes that I deeply cared about, work alongside passionate and driven students, and step into leadership roles (which was a pretty big deal for an introvert like myself). Northland was and continues to be a place where I feel confident to learn new things, push myself to grow, and thrive as a member of this vibrant community.

Student Involvement

I work with first-year students from Illinois and northern Wisconsin, as well as all international students. I love to connect with students from these areas about their college search, interests, and future aspirations. My goal is to help students figure out if Northland is the school for them, and this is done through regular conversations by phone, email, and video chat. If you want to learn more about Northland, schedule a call with me using my appointment calendar.


I am an artist and an enthusiastic forager! I love to harvest flowers and plants for teas and tinctures as well as birch bark for my hand-crafted earrings. In the summertime, you’re most likely to find me looking for mushrooms, harvesting blueberries, and swimming in lakes all over the north woods. I also love to travel—mostly to try new kinds of food and experience different cultures—and have visited over twenty countries!