Scott Grinnell

Professor of Physics

Scott Grinnell faculty
Office:Center for Science and the Environment 253
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Earned and Honorary Degrees

PhD, University of Washington-Seattle
BS, Cal Poly State University

Why Northland?

I appreciate the diverse interests and talents of Northland College’s faculty, the environmental mission of the college, its small size, the close relationships formed between faculty and students, and the opportunities afforded by spring semester.

At Northland College, students receive an education that is integrated with an awareness of the environment and the role humanity has played in shaping the environment. This can give greater relevance to a student's education and provide a broader world view.

Abundant one-on-one interactions with their instructors provide a more personalized education. Field work, travel opportunities, and special expeditions during spring semester allow for a richer, more solid understanding of material.


Observations of intriguing natural phenomena inspired me to pursue the study of physics and the atmosphere. Unexpected moments during hiking, canoeing, or climbing led me to marvel at the richness of nature and drew me to wonder at the workings of my world.

I am currently researching topics in renewable energy and green building design and working to implement what I have learned into the Northland College curriculum.


My hobbies include backpacking, canoeing, bicycling, carpentry, ballroom dancing, playing guitar, skiing, and writing science fiction stories.