Earned and Honorary Degrees

MA University of Massachusetts-Amherst
MA Schifanoia Graduate School of the Fine Arts, Italy
BA Barat College


I joined the Northland College community after years of teaching in Massachusetts colleges and exhibiting my paintings in New York City. The move was truly a life changing experience. As an artist, natural phenomena play an important role in my work. My paintings always reflect a sense of place...and what a place this is!

We sit on the edge of an inland sea surrounded by the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest. An artist, musician, or poet can find real inspiration here and students with sensitivity to nature have much to learn and contribute on this campus and in this community.

I am grateful for my own liberal arts college education. In my graduate studies in Italy and travels in Europe, I learned not only the techniques of traditional studio practices but also a deepening appreciation for the humanities. As a result, I greatly enjoy teaching the history of art. My teaching is informed not only by research, travel, and museum visits, but also by my own practice of art, and it is important for me to share not just what I know...but what I love. Most importantly, I enjoy the students at this college because they bring to the classroom a wealth of diverse experiences and interests and they keep my brain cells moving to make relevant connections.

Why Northland?

I like the fact that Northland College's commitment to the natural environment is not trendy. It has existed here for more than three decades. Today many other educational institutions seek to offer environmental majors within their programs, but I suspect it would be hard to find another college place where it permeates the entire ethos of the institution, as it does here.