Ruth de Jesus

Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator

headshot staff Ruth DeJesus
Office:Diversity Center, 1208 2nd Ave W
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Earned and Honorary Degrees

MDiv, Princeton Theological Seminary
BA, Franklin and Marshall College


My seminary studies provided me with the type of training that took me down various professional paths. I have served communities through non-profit work. These experiences helped me to grow in advocacy, compassion, and self-awareness. I have also served as a minister in faith communities where I was able to broaden my understanding of religious practice and spirituality, as well as critically examine and develop my "voice" as a person of faith in theologically diverse communities. And, of course, I have quite a few years serving students of color and advancing equity in higher education. Working with students brings me the most joy. I can draw from my personal, academic, and professional experiences. There are so many opportunities to develop genuine relationships and to think creatively.

Why Northland?

This is an opportunity to grow with a community in its efforts to become more inclusive and welcoming. I am excited to learn about the college's own commitment to justice issues and to be a part of the continued expanding of that effort.

Student Involvement

I strive to build mutual relationships with students where they can count on me as a professional to guide and mentor them. Students can also count on getting to know me personally as I strive to know them for who they are. I believe in modeling openness and reciprocity. I also love to hear students' ideas and hopes so that the work I do is relevant and engaging for them. Another way I serve students is by building partnerships with faculty and colleagues. Having good professional relationships across campus is integral to involving, caring for, and developing students.


My favorite thing to do in the world is going on road trips. I am a Road Warrior and hope to check off another state this summer. Only five to go! I grew up in urban environments and in Puerto Rico, and I am curious about the natural wonder of this country and the many cultures that make us who we are as a nation. I also love to bake and, when I can find the right ingredients, cook Puerto Rican food. I have yet to meet someone who can make a meaner pot of black beans. My third love is weight training.