Earned and Honorary Degrees

PhD, University of Georgia
MA, Western Michigan University
BS, State University of New York (SUNY) College at Oneonta


At SUNY Oneonta, I started out as a meteorology major before turning towards a major in philosophy instead, intending to do environmental philosophy from the start. I also added a psychology major as well, focusing on social and cognitive psych. After completing my undergraduate thesis, "An Exploration of the Animal Welfare Utopia" and graduating from SUNY Oneonta, I made my way to Kalamazoo, Michigan to attend Western Michigan University for my MA in Philosophy, concentrating in theoretical and practical ethics. I then took a year off which turned into an adventure into a juggling act - I was teaching online at Western Michigan, became an assistant coach for my old high school's fencing team and badminton team, and then spent the summer as a Head Naturalist for the Audubon Society in Greenwich, Connecticut where I did outdoor education programming with children. After finishing up the summer position with the Audubon Society, I started my PhD at the University of Georgia. University of Georgia provided me with the opportunity to develop as a philosopher and the freedom to pursue my own research. I finished my PhD this past Summer 2022, defending my dissertation "An Exploration of Environmental Values in Outer Space," taking a look at approaching issues in space exploration and the applicability of environmental thought beyond Earth.

Why Northland?

I love the feeling and community of a smaller college campus. As an environmental philosopher, Northland College's environmental orientation provides extremely exciting place to work with colleagues and students.


This Fall 2022 I am teaching Ethics, Environmental Philosophy, and Introduction to Philosophy.
This Winter 2023 I am teaching Logic, Philosophy of Science, and Environmental Ethics.
May 2023 I will be teaching a new class currently in development!

In teaching, I put a lot of weight on critical engagement and reflection with the material. I believe that philosophy has a lot to offer for both intellectual and personal growth and highlight that potential in my teaching. I also like to provide ample time for discussion of the material as well, including opportunities for student-led discussion.


My primary research is focused on environmental philosophy and the interesting problems surrounding new and future technologies. Specifically, I am interested in issues surrounding de-extinction (e.g., attempts to bring back the woolly mammoth, passenger pigeon, etc.) and space exploration (e.g., terraforming, settlement, etc.). My PhD dissertation, "An Exploration of Environmental Values in Outer Space" consisted of three papers - the first on terraforming, the second on wilderness, and the third on politics and space settlements. The first paper, "Astroethics and the Non-Fungibility Thesis" was recently published in the journal Environmental Ethics. In addition to my work on wilderness in outer space, I am working with a team of geographers on a GIS project to propose wilderness protection areas on Mars. My work in political philosophy focuses on anarchism, utopianism, and social ecology. I am also very interested in the nature of nature experiences, and am working on a book chapter on the role of smell in environmental aesthetics.

I have many other future projects in mind as well, so I have plenty to keep me busy! For my CV, as well as more information on my research and teaching, please visit my website.