Earned and Honorary Degrees

PhD Social Psychology, University of Oregon
MS Social Psychology, University of Oregon
BA Psychology, Marquette University
BA Social Philosophy, Marquette University

Student Involvement

As an educator, I am deeply committed to the specific individuals that join me in the classroom and I teach courses in the spirit of mutual inquiry. In collaboration, my students and I explore the cross-disciplinary borderlands of psychology, creating new courses in ecopsychology, sustainable agriculture, political psychology, and conflict resolution. I pursue a student-centered, participatory approach in the classroom that focuses on creating a personal connection with students.

With each new term I ask myself: how can more student voices shape the classroom experience?, how can more of the responsibility for learning be placed into the hands of the students?, how will students discover and articulate what their own educational priorities, curious whims and deeply important questions are?, and how will students satisfy these priorities, whims, and questions in and outside the classroom?

At base, every class that I teach is intended to facilitate the growth of the individual as a whole person with knowledge, competence, and confidence. As an educator, I bring the knowledge and practices of psychology to this meeting, but I never lose sight that this is a meeting of people. Education develops in relationship.