Magdalen Dale

Course Scheduler
Forest Lodge Reservation Coordinator

Magdalen Dale
Office:202B Ponzio Campus Center
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Earned and Honorary Degrees

BA, Oberlin College
MA, Northwestern University


I was born and raised on Highland Valley Farm outside of Bayfield, Wisconsin, and now live in the Belanger Settlement with my wife and kids. You can read more about me at

Why Northland?

I have this quote (jotted down from the book Together by Vivek H. Murthy, MD) hanging above my desk: “as we build connected lives, we make it possible to build a connected world…we design our schools, workplaces, and technology to support human connections…we treat kindness and compassion as sacred values.”

The Northland College campus was my first college campus. My first time eating in a college cafeteria was during College for Kids, and dance recitals of my youth took place on the Alvord stage. These are favorite memories from my childhood. I took Introduction to Women’s Studies with Cynthia Belmont at Northland during my senior year of high school and went on to be a gender and women’s studies major at Oberlin. It was lonely growing up in a rural place, especially being in a family that was first-generation to this area. My time spent at Northland College fostered connections with a larger community of people and ideas.

Being back on the Northland College campus feels full circle for me. During my time here, I hope to facilitate more genuine opportunities for the people/populations of our region to cross pollinate.