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Maintenance HR Assistant

Madi Mackin
Office:Maintenance Building
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Earned and Honorary Degrees

BA Humanities and Writing, Northland College
AAS Early Childhood Education, Northwood Technical College


I was born and raised here in Ashland, Wisconsin, by alumni of Northland College. I graduated with an associate’s degree from Northwood Technical College before deciding to follow along my family legacy. I graduated from Northland College with a dual-major degree in humanities and writing, and I decided to stay to see what more adventures I can have.

Why Northland?

Northland is as much of my home as Ashland is, and it’s part of my happy place in life. With its small size, history, and friendly community, I find it hard to want to leave. At the end of the day, I’m able to take a deep breath in and enjoy life here on campus, in town, and on the edge of the lake.

Student Involvement

I’m always happy to chat and listen to students, whether it’s about a funny moment or about a really neat idea.


Some of my hobbies include writing, reading, amateur photography, playing Dungeons and Dragons, video games, and more! I’m always up to try something new.