Joseph Beecher

Closing Culinary Supervisor

Joseph Beecher
Office:Ponzio Campus Center, Baldwin Commons
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Joe says that his grandparents are responsible for his love of cooking. Joe remembers that his grandma and grandpa were both wonderful cooks. his grandmother specifically was a first-generation Greek immigrant and holidays were always filled with traditional dishes and customs. To this day, Joe still really enjoys making and eating Mediterranean food. Joe is a curious culinarian; he really enjoys learning from other culinarians and finding new recipes to try. An aspect about Northland Dining that he really likes is the menu diversity. In any given week we may be serving Italian, Moroccan, Korean, Spanish dishes- the options are endless and plentiful! Joe says that this experience has provided a real opportunity to learn about different dishes, flavors from around the world, and the history and culture that inspires them. Joe was born and raised in Ashland, Wisconsin and like many of us, really loves what the community has to offer. When he is not working, he enjoys playing table-top board games, pen and paper RPGs, participating in local community theater, listening/ making music and hanging out with friends at a local pub.