Jordyn O'Gara

Timber Wolf Alliance Coordinator

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Office:Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute 207
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Earned and Honorary Degrees

SB Northland College


I graduated from Northland in 2018. In between my schooling, I completed internships with the International Wolf Center and Wild Instincts Wildlife Rehabilitation Center honing my skills as a future wildlife biologist.

After graduation, I accepted a fellowship with Timber Wolf Alliance taking on the responsibility of being their new coordinator. In my free time, I continue to work on publishing canid research and honing my veterinary skills as a veterinary assistant at a local vet clinic.

Why Northland?

As a student at Northland, I loved the community and the outdoor activities! When I was offered a position with the Timber Wolf Alliance that allowed me to stay in the area I could not pass up the opportunity.

Student Involvement

Being an alumna, I know of many organizations within the Northland community that want to get involved with the wolf conservation world but don't always know how. I work with the Natural Resources Department and the Wildlife Society Chapter on campus to get students more actively involved.