Earned and Honorary Degrees

BA Northland College, Outdoor Education


I have been working in the outdoor field since graduating Northland College in 1993. From living in tree houses, building kayaks, leading expeditions to South America, and now starting and running my company Lost Creek Adventures, a sea kayak outfitting service and Folk Arts school in Cornucopia, Wisconsin.

Why Northland?

I came back to Northland because the student energy inspires me and keeps me young. These folks are our future and I enjoy helping them along the way.


I have taught all of these courses and more since 1998, but some of my favorites are the ones where students gain confidence, either in their physical ability to say, navigate a dangerous rapid, work with others, or to know their place in nature.

Native American Woodland Skills
Whitewater Kayaking
Outdoor Education Fall Professional Development Block - Woodcraft & Woodland Skills and Coastal Kayak Instructor Development
Telemark Skiing
Cross Country Skiing

Student Involvement

I like to give a task or goal to complete, and let students problem solve, with perhaps a bit of guidance when needed. I don't believe in the need for experts in most fields so long as one is willing apply their own knowledge, motivation and common sense to an issue.


I just need to be outside and moving on a regular basis. Everything from whitewater paddling to slack lining is fair game.