Dylan Bizhikiins Jennings

Instructor of Native American & Environmental Studies

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Earned and Honorary Degrees

BA University of Wisconsin-Madison


I teach Introduction to Ojibwemowin. I really appreciate anyone that desires to learn an original language and it's fulfilling to see individuals strive to learn and revitalize Ojibwemowin.


I'm a staunch advocate for education, language preservation, and environmental protection through reciprocity. I believes that language and culture can be maintained through a strong connection to and understanding of the environment.

I have spent my entire life as a student of our Ojibwe language and culture. My attempts to re-learn Ojibwe life-way are directly tied to the desire to better our communities as we struggle to address historical trauma, grief, and various forms of disease.

Student Involvement

In the course I will be teaching, we will engage the students in multiple ways. Since our language is seen as living, the activities and experiences associated with language will only help aid in language acquisition. You might see our class scraping deer hides, cooking food over a fire, fishing through the ice, or tapping trees—all while speaking Ojibwemowin.


I'm a very avid outdoors kind of person. I love our seasons in northern Wisconsin, and all of the harvesting opportunities that come along with them. Hunting, fishing, harvesting, gardening, and raising chickens are important activities. Most importantly I love spending time with my family, my two daughters, and wife.