Derek Ogle

Professor of Mathematics and Environmental Sciences

Derek Ogle faculty
Office:Center for Science and the Environment 228
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Earned and Honorary Degrees

PhD Fisheries, University of Minnesota
MS Fisheries, University of Minnesota
BS Environmental Studies (Biophysical), Northland College, Ashland, Wisconsin

Why Northland?

I like the intimacy of the small faculty and number of students in our relatively small community. At Northland College, you know many people by name and nearly all by sight. In my courses, I try to balance concepts and theory with applications.

Thus, my courses consist of lecture, discussion, laboratory and field experiences, and assignments that are focused on applications. I try to keep statistics and fisheries science real and focused. I expect students to have an open mind to understanding how statistics is used to answer critical questions about populations based on imperfect information (i.e., a sample). I also expect students to be excited about their classes and research and for this excitement to translate into enthusiasm and preparation for learning.


Some examples of field work in my fisheries classes can be found below:


I like to listen to and collect blues music and home-brew beer. I also snorkel, boat, fish, bike, walk, and ski with my wife (Kim) and dog (Jem).