Danielle Sneyd

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Danielle Sneyd, faculty
Office:Wheeler Hall 309
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Earned and Honorary Degrees

PhD Florida International University, Legal Psychology
MA Ball State University, Cognitive and Social Processes
BS & BA Roger Williams University, Criminal Justice and Psychology


I am originally from Massachusetts and love to be by the water. I have always had a passion for learning new things and this interest is what kept me going through all my years of school. In college is when I found the field of legal psychology and I have never turned back. There are always more questions to ask and more answers to be found.


I typically teach the general requirement courses for psychology majors. My favorite course to teach, however, is the Legal Psychology course as students really enjoy learning about how psychology and the legal system intertwine. This is also my personal passion and area of research. Another course I enjoy teaching is Experimental Psychology, as I believe a strong research background is important.


My research focuses on two broad domains: (1) cognitive errors and (2) memory improvements, that I apply to the legal system. More specifically, within cognitive errors I like to examine how cognitive biases can effect judgment, whether that be by jurors, forensic scientists, or eyewitnesses. Knowledge of how these errors work and influence decision making processes can help to prevent miscarriages of justice in the future. In addition, the main contexts in which I study memory improvements are investigative interviewing and human intelligence gathering. It is important when gathering information from witnesses that we gather as much information as possible (high quantity) but also the most accurate information.


I love to be outside in nature and by the lake when possible. I also love animals so feel free to send me pictures of your pets!