Earned and Honorary Degrees

MS, University of Montana
MS, Ball State University
BS, Western Illinois University


A plethora of childhood outdoor experiences in fields, woods, and local streams held my fascination and helped shape my early career and education choices. I enjoy canoeing historic voyageur routes, basket making, rawhide work, brain tanning, reading, rock climbing, powwow culture, and development of the International Camping Museum.


I am currently working on a place-based field guide to outdoor experiential activities with an accompanying regional literature component. I am also interested in how the “habits of mind” used to pursue natural history can improve the quality of our lives. I’m intrigued by sense of place studies, the power of language, our perception of time, and the evolution of an outdoor education praxis.

Why Northland?

My favorite thing about Northland College is location, location, location! We have access to great river and lake canoeing, the North Country Trail, wilderness areas, national lakeshores, Indian reservations, and who can forget the ten percent of the world’s freshwater in Lake Superior.

The majority of our students participate actively in the pursuit of a quality education. They take opportunities, make opportunities, and aren’t afraid to ask for more. Our location contributes a great deal to the shaping of fulfilling studies and a meaningful life.