Earned and Honorary Degrees

PhD, Washington State University


I grew up on a farm in rural Minnesota. I have always been drawn to Lake Superior and the North Country. I taught middle school and high school before going back to school to get my doctorate in chemistry.


I study metal-ligand complexation, specifically between rare earth metals and unsymmetrical ligands. Asymmetry allows for ligands to interact strongly with multiple phases (like soap with grease and water), which is key for the partitioning of metals from an aqueous phase to an organic phase.

Why Northland?

Northland College sits directly on Lake Superior and represents the tenets of conservation, education, and zest for life. Northland College makes us all strive to be the best version of ourselves.


I typically teach organic chemistry where students receive rigorous teaching to help them succeed in graduate or professional school. My courses include a lab portion where students learn how run their own experiments and synthesize important compounds.

Personal Interests

I enjoy paddling on Lake Superior and hiking on trails around Ashland. I also enjoy timberframing and making Norwegian tolle kniv style knives.