Barrett Gough

Hulings Visiting Assistant Professor of US and Environmental History and Culture

Barrett Gough
Office:Wheeler Hall 322
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Earned and Honorary Degrees

PhD University of Iowa
MA University of Alabama
BA University of Kentucky


I hail originally from Lexington, Kentucky, horse capital of the world. As an undergraduate majoring in English and history, I came to begin working on various social justice initiatives in Kentucky, from environmental justice to the abolition of capital punishment. I came to understand the ways in which social justice struggles are linked in their relations to structures of power.

I pursued a master's degree at the University of Alabama, where I focused on the back to the land movement of the 1960s and 1970s. I then earned a PhD in American studies at the University of Iowa. There I took a more active interest in labor organizing and history as well as a keen interest in forests and their history.

Since then I have lived and taught in Los Angeles and Pittsburgh before moving to Ashland.

Why Northland?

I wanted to come to Northland to be a part of an active learning and outdoor community. Integrating classroom learning with an appreciation for the more-than-human world is something I'm genuinely excited about.


I will teach both surveys in US History as well as US Environmental History. I am also at work developing a course on the histories of the US Park and US Forest Services.


My primary research interests include environmental and cultural history, focusing particularly on social justice movements and forestry history. I am currently working on developing a manuscript for publication of a history of Robinson Forest, a university-owned research forest in Appalachian Kentucky.


I enjoy hiking and camping with my spouse. My favorite adventures include kayaking the fjords of Norway and camping along the Pacific Ocean in Redwoods National Park.