Annette Nelson faculty


Earned and Honorary Degrees

BS Memphis State University, Memphis, Tennessee
MS Memphis State University, Memphis, Tennessee
EdD Nova Southeastern University, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida


I am currently working on researching assessment tools for student teachers in the areas of math and science. I am also involved in research on different student retention strategies. A key area of emphasis for me in my classes is of civic engagement and how to get education students involved in a way that can be replicated with their own K-12 pupils during their student teaching semester.

Why Northland?

When I first saw the Northland College campus and Lake Superior, it took my breath away. I still feel that way after living here for many years. Each sunset that I see on the Lake is as wonderful as the first. Having worked at other colleges, I know that the quality of education students receive at Northland College is unique and outstanding. Our ability as faculty members to work so closely with students is a real joy.

At Northland College, a student is never just another number or face in the crowd. We know our students‚ strengths and weaknesses, and the students know ours! It has taken me a long time to achieve my professional dream of teaching at the college level, but it has been well worth the wait and work to get here. I can't imagine teaching anywhere else but at Northland College.