Angela Hoffman-Cooper

Senior Director, Marketing Communications

Angela Hoffman-Cooper
Office:203 Brownell Hall
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Earned and Honorary Degrees

BS Psychology; Minors in Social and Behavioral Studies and Spanish, Michigan Technological University
MEd Educational Leadership and Policy, University of Utah
PhD Candidate Higher Education Leadership, Colorado State University


I'm originally from mid-Michigan but found my home on the shores of Lake Superior when I attended undergrad in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. My studies and professional roles eventually took me west but I will always be grateful for the opportunities that have brought me back to this place I call home.

I have over 12 years experience working on college campuses and with non-profit education associations and through my varied experiences in campus housing, admissions, orientation, student support services, instructing courses, and leading professional development programs I have valued the opportunities to connect with students, faculty, staff, and community members.

Why Northland?

This place is special. Being a marketing and communications professional I should probably have more words to describe it, but sometimes a place is so wonderfully inexplicable, words will never do it justice. Rather you must experience it to understand it and fully appreciate all that it has to offer.

What I can put to words is my gratitude. To be a part of this community, with its rich history of engaging the environment, cultivating meaningful connections, and providing transformative learning experiences to address the promises and challenges of the present and the future is a humbling and rewarding experience. Everyday I am grateful to live, work, play, and raise my family in this place where environment, connection, learning, and care meet.

Student Involvement

One of my favorite things about my role is the opportunities I have to help students tell their stories. Much of my personal life and career has focused on the importance of telling stories with authentic voice and reclaimed pride. I have learned stories are often the sources of connection and inspirations for action.


My family and I enjoy adventuring — whether it be adventuring out for coffee, ice cream, or a several mile hike. I also enjoy reading and learning about any topic of interest. I am also a passionate Foster Scholar — a person who experienced foster care and is now engaged in research and advocacy work to support young people with experience in foster care throughout their journey.