Alhassan Ndekugri

Assistant Professor of Business

Alhassan Ndekugri, faculty
Office:Wheeler Hall 318
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Earned and Honorary Degrees

DBA in International Business, Argosy University Tampa, Florida
MBA in Finance, Notre Dame De Namur University, Belmont, California
BS in Financial Mathematics, University for Development Studies, Ghana
Certificate in Financial Planning, Bryant University RI
Candidate for Certified Financial Planning


Prior to joining Northland College, I taught and mentored students in several universities including Allen University, South Carolina State University, South University, and Webster University. At Allen University in Columbia, South Carolina, I taught banking and finance courses included but not limited to

  • Risk Management
  • Managerial Finance
  • Portfolio Management
  • Money and Banking
  • Production and Operation Management
  • Fundamentals of Global Business
  • Investment Management
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Business Research and Methods
  • Technology and Communication
  • Principles of Management

At South Carolina State University, I taught Quantitative and Qualitative analysis, Investment and Personal Finance. At South University in Columbia, South Carolina, I taught Introduction to Finance and Finance. At Webster University Columbia Campus, I taught and mentored the master of business administration students teaching finance, and advanced corporate finance.

I have been involved in course design, students retention and graduation, and helping build a successful learning model for both face to face and online.


I have researched, presented, and published both nationally and internationally, my scholarly work include the following:

  1. Ndekugri A. (2020). Financial Analyst Report on Publicly Traded Companies: Does the number of Analysts’ Have Any Influence on Earning per Share?
  2. Ndekugri, A., (2019).Turn Finance Students into Savvy Investors with Yahoo! Finance.
  3. Ndekugri, A. and Cutovic, A.(2019). How adjustment issues affect international students in American colleges and universities, International Journal of Novel Research in Education and Learning Vol. 6, Issue 3, pp: (10-17).
  4. Ndekugri, A., Javon, F.(2019). What factors brings about employee engagement, motivation, and retention in an organization: Maslow hierarchy in perspective, International Journal of Novel Research in Marketing Management and Economics Vol. 6, Issue 2, pp: (28-35),
  5.  Ndekugri, A. and Jaquan, P.(2019) Factors affecting women managerial role, Journal of Education Development, Management, IT, Finance and Marketing. Vol. 10(2), 36-46,
  6. Ndekugri, A. and Twum-Danso, E., Curbing Corporate Scandals for Global Business Success, Journal of Finance, Accounting and Management, 10(1), 1-8, January 2019.
  7. Ndekugri, A., Corporate Restructuring and Investment, Asian Journal of Finance and Accounting, Vol. 10. No.1, 2018.
  8. Ndekugri, A.,(2017) Using Event Studies to Evaluate Stock Market Return Performance. Global Journal of Management and Business Research. Vol.17 verse, 2017.


  • 39th Economic outlook conference, University of South Carolina, Columbia SC
  • Curbing Corporate Scandals for Global Business Success
  • Factors Affecting Women in Managerial Roles. 11th Annual International Business  Conference, Dearborn, Michigan, December 2018.
  • Using Event Studies to Evaluate Stock Market Return Performance, 18th World Business Research Conference, San Francisco, California, and November 2017.
  • London Inter Bank Offer Rate Volatility: The US Dollar, the British Pound, the Japanese Yen and the Euro: How It Affects Multinational Companies (1986-2016)-International Multidisciplinary Academic Research Conference, London, and April 2017.
  • Comparative Economic Performance Analysis of China and the U.S., 39th International Business Research Conference, Tokyo, Japan, December 2016.
  • Foreign Currency and Exchange Rate, Preparing the Allen University Students for a Better Economy, Faculty and Research Seminar, Allen University, Columbia, South Carolina, 2016.

Why Northland?

Northland College provides a unique opportunity considering its geographical location, especially its nearest to Lake Superior. As a business professor with research interest, I will be researching into: "The qualitative study of the business of lake superior and how it influences culture in Ashland".


I teach finance, International business, and management courses. Especially teaching finance courses is full fun. Using online financial tools and software to demonstrate time on investment, exchange rate, and portfolios makes students turn their everyday life activities into a reality.

Student Involvement

  • Students learn more when they are allowed to discover for themselves new and challenging problems, in my class, the professor learn with the students rather only teach.
  • Students research on everyday problems and suggest ways of solving them, which encourages smart learning with the availability of modern technologies.
  • Students improve their communication skills with regular power point presentations, discussions, and peer critique.
  • Students research and present on conferences, study abroad and publish their scholarly work
  • Students go on educational tour such as the Federal Research Bank and many more

Personal Interests

Stress management is essential for my work to be successful, as a result, I will engage in the following hobbies and activities: fishing, cooking, swimming, and soccer is full of fun as it exercise the whole body, including beach soccer.