Meet the Newest Member of the Fluorescent Mammal Club

Platypuses do it. Opossums do it. Even three species of North American flying squirrel do it. Tasmanian devils, echidnas and wombats may also do it, although the evidence is not quite so robust. And, breaking news: Two species of rabbit-size rodents called springhares do it. That is, they glow under black light, that perplexing quirk…

Northland College student tries skijoring.

Reading, Writing, and Adventuring

Writing and Inquiry Experiences the Outdoors

Instructor Gina Kirsten‘s Writing and Inquiry class have been taking Thursday adventures tied into their reading and writing. Last week, students read a chapter from Gary Paulsen’s Winterdance and took a tour of the developing ski trail on campus via dog power—with assistance from Director of Communications Julie Buckles who brought her small team to…

Michele Small

Defining CliFi

Prof Michele Small talks about her new course.

What inspired you to teach this new class? All my life, I have read Science Fiction—the literature of change—and have taught it at Northland for decades in one of my favorite courses: The Science Fiction Seminar. Can you define climate fiction?  Science fiction is a very broad field which goes from hardcore to fantasy, to…

Northland student Andy Kasun takes a water sample.

Burke Researchers Assess 11 Inland Lakes

Penokee Lakes Project

In 2015, the Mary Griggs Burke Center for Freshwater Innovation initiated the Penokee Lakes project to provide an assessment of the quality of eleven inland lakes located in the Penokee Hills at the headwaters of the Bad River watershed. This largely undeveloped suite of lakes is located in and around a site that was proposed…

Donna and George Arbaugh

Walking in Sigurd Olson’s Footsteps

Supporting Stewardship Through Scholarships

About the time Sigurd F. Olson was crafting his first book, The Singing Wilderness, Donna Arbaugh and her new husband, George, were building a summer place near the Boundary Waters. It was 1954 and using only hand tools, they built a small, off-the-grid cabin on a lot they leased from the government for $50 per…

Northland College Ponzio Campus Center in winter

Sedition and Insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021

A Statement from Northland College Faculty

The grievous attack on the United States Capitol on the sixth of January 2021, has left many Americans searching for a way to heal and reform national politics, and rededicate to our country’s commitment to ensuring equality for all. Northland College was founded on the principle of justice, a search for truth, and a commitment…

Northland College student Emma Holtan

The Chequamegon Bay Region Spoke and the IJC Listened

In September of 2019, the Mary Griggs Burke Center for Freshwater Innovation hosted a conference with the International Joint Commission (IJC). The purpose was to give local experts and the public an opportunity to share their water quality concerns for Lake Superior and the larger Great Lakes basin. The public hearing portion of the event…

Northland graduates Faye and Margaret Koosmann at their vet clinic.

Your Family Veterinarian

Margaret Koosmann '10 Purchases Ashland Area Veterinary Clinic

Margaret Koosmann ’10 grew up on a five-generation beef farm, twenty minutes south of campus. She attended Northland, played sports, and went on to graduate from UW-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine. She now owns Ashland Area Veterinary Clinic, located near campus, and employs four other veterinarians, including her sister Fay ’15, another Northland graduate. “Attending…

Robert Rue Parsonage and Ruth Lull with sons at Northland College 1980s

Embracing the North

A cross country move, thirty-three years in the making.

Robert Rue Parsonage, Northland’s president from 1987-2002, made an imprint as indelible as the Northland seal. Filled with confidence, boldness, and a Midwestern work ethic, he built a college for the twenty-first century while giving credence to the past. “I expected great things and pushed to get them done,” said Bob in a telephone interview…

Devil's Island Apostle Islands

IJC Releases Recommendations

Lake Superior Has Seen At Least 5 Blooms In The Last Decade

The United States and Canada should work together to eliminate blue-green algae blooms in Lake Superior, according to one of three recommendations outlined in a report released by the International Joint Commission (IJC) on Thursday. The commission is an independent bi-national organization that evaluates work by the U.S. and Canada to protect and restore the…