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Northland College teaching students talk with Washburn fifth graders

For Lucas, Elementary Ed Provides Pathway to Greater Good

Harrison Lucas ’17 Major: Elementary Education with a focus on Social Studies Q. Why elementary education? How did you get on this path? A. Well, my dad is a teacher and so, I saw how he influences a lot of kids’ lives back home where I come from and I see how big of an impact…

Hal Welch and Patrick Shea bio outside Ashland

An American Pilgrimage, Of Sorts

Biking Ashland to New Orleans

Northland College sophomores Hal Welch and Patrick Shea departed Friday, April 28 on a 34-day, 1,800-mile bike trip from Ashland to New Orleans. As part of their May term semester, they will be biking along the Mississippi incorporating observations, interviews, and photographs of the people who live along the route. “It’s an American pilgrimage through…

Students display the results of their research accomplishments at the annual Honors Day Poster Session

2017 Honor’s Day Poster Session

Students Exhibit 34 Research Projects

Why does the gray fox climb?🐺 That along with 34 other research projects were presented at the Honors Day Poster Session April 6, 2017. Top prizes went to Michaela Fisher and Jordyn O’Gara for their original research on gray fox and climbing behaviors, and to Mikaela Fischer for combining art and biology in a petri…

Apostle Islands Sled Dog Race

Racing Dogs for Internship

You never know when one thing will lead to another. Associate Professor of Outdoor Education Elizabeth Andre took her winter skills students to Firestar Kennel in Cornucopia to learn about dogsledding. That day sparked an idea. Kennel owner Krystal (Hagstrom) Hudacheck ’10 noticed that Andre’s students really connected with her huskies. She needed help training and caring for the dogs. The…

Graphic design student interns in Sweden

Graphic Design on the Job

Swedish Student Returns Home for Internship

Graphic design student Petter Bülling experienced one particularly low moment during his summer internship at Artilleriet, a high-end home décor store. He was helping move things around for a photo shoot and he bumped into a really expensive pot. It shattered completely. All in the life of a graphic design intern. “What can you do?…

Northland College student with journal

296 miles on the Superior Hiking Trail

Jane Dahlgren Hikes Solo for May Term

Jane Dahlgren had never camped alone when she decided to hike solo for 296 miles. For college credits. While the extroverted sophomore was not familiar with solo tripping, she was no novice to adventure. A Seattle native, Dahlgren had hiked with her dad and brother on the Wonderland Trail, a ninety-three-mile loop around Mt. Rainier,…

Northland College student holding phone.

The Woman Behind the Screen

Northland College senior Mikaela Fischer is a quiet, self-possessed student with a strong voice. She’s one of those rare students who takes in information, digests it, devises a plan, and executes it. “She’s mature and still knows how to be playful. I would want her in any class I teach,” said Jason Terry, associate professor of…

Three pairs of shoes

Circumnavigating Lake Superior—On Foot

Three Northland College alum packed their baby Burley buggy and departed from Ashland Friday, May 20, heading west on a quest to run around Lake Superior. Monday, August 15, Evan Flom ’14, Allissa Stutte ’13, and Andy Butter ’14 returned from the east, running along the Lake Superior shoreline for their final running miles. The…

Student in courtroom

Path to Immigration Law

Adrian Diaz ’16 says he has witnessed the struggles of immigrants in the United States and it has shaped his career goals. “My parents’ and my experience with American xenophobia and racism has pushed me to pursue a career in immigration law.” Diaz, who is originally from Waukegan, Illinois, studied sociology and sustainable community development…

Northland College student Megan McPeak does research

McPeak: Making It Happen

A love for learning and Lake Superior is what lured graduating senior Megan McPeak to Northland College—and may someday bring her back. “I knew this was my time to be here—in my favorite place in the world—and to really focus on learning,” McPeak explained. Focused indeed. She double-majored in math and meteorology, and double-minored in chemistry…