• President Miller meeting with students

Northland College’s administrative leadership team is led by President Michael A. Miller, Ph.D. Senior members of the administrative team are divisional vice presidents and the executive director of the Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute.

Board of Trustees

John N. Allen ’77, Chair of the Board
Chad L. Dayton, Vice Chair of the Board
Jim Hagstrom, Secretary of the Board
Michael Miller, President of Northland College

Bonnie Alton, Trustee
Carla Bailey, Trustee
Hannibal Bolton, Trustee
Demaris Brinton, Trustee
Ted Bristol, Trustee
Donald Chase ’62, Trustee
Jacob DeBruin, Student Trustee
Bill Esposito ’84, Trustee
Mike Fiorio ’80, Trustee
Peter Gove, Trustee
Claire Hackmann, Trustee
Ned Hancock, Trustee
Jennifer Jehn, Trustee
G. Robert Kerr, Trustee
Matthew Koszuta, Student Trustee
Linda Mack, Trustee
Michael Masterson, Trustee
Craig Mullenbrock ’77, Trustee, Alumni Board Chair
Lowell Noteboom, Trustee
Jaime Pinkham, Trustee
Craig Ponzio ’72, Trustee
Mary Rice, Trustee
Ann Schumacher, Trustee
Ben Shepherd ’00, Trustee
Dave Ullrich, Trustee
Jane Vogt, Trustee
Jim Williamson ’59, Trustee