Mamie Parker: On Fishing Not Kissing

Motivational speaker and former assistant director of Fisheries and Habitat Conservation at the US Fish and Wildlife Service Dr. Mamie Parker is the 2017 commencement speaker at Northland College. She made history when appointed the first African American as the FWS regional director of the thirteen northeastern states...  Read More
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2017 Honor’s Day Poster Session

Why does the gray fox climb?🐺 That along with 34 other research projects were presented at the Honors Day Poster Session April 6, 2017. Top prizes went to Michaela Fisher and Jordyn O’Gara for their original research on gray fox and climbing behaviors, and to...  Read More
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Mortar board decorated with Lake Superior

Top of the Head

What to do when you’re a graduating senior with so much personality and you’re trapped in the same issue cap and gown as everyone else. The solution: the mortarboard. No larger than the size of a square dinner plate, these decorated mortarboards prove that big...  Read More
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Students bike on street in cap and gown

Commencement Candids

The 125 members of the Northland College Class of 2016 graduated today. We’ve collected some of our favorite candid shots from the senior toast, baccalaureate, and the 105th College Commencement. These photos capture some of the personality of this class and of this campus, located at the tip of Wisconsin.

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Liz White in cap and gown

Liz White: Student Commencement Address

Liz White’s quiet strength has not gone unnoticed. As a sophomore, she was selected by her peers to serve on the board of trustees. Since then she has served as president of the Northland College Student Association, was awarded the Student Life Indelible Mark Award…  Read More

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Portrait of Parker Matzinger

The Indelible Parker Matzinger

Parker Matzinger has tracked wildlife in Costa Rica with Assistant Professor of Natural Resources Erik Olson. He founded and performed in the Northland College Percussion Ensemble, interned at the Mary Griggs Burke Center for Freshwater Innovation, and attended a week-long workshop combining biology and acoustics…  Read More

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Chemistry students with Professor Nick Robertson

Chem Cohort Inch Forward Field of Sustainable Plastics

Four of Northland College’s graduating chemistry majors are pranksters, but their collective research on plastics is anything but a joke. Dylan Hudson, Leah Jaynes, Louis Corcoran, and Tyler Klein have all spent a number of years working together on one of the chemistry department’s ongoing…  Read More

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Northland College student Megan McPeak does research

McPeak: Making It Happen

A love for learning and Lake Superior is what lured graduating senior Megan McPeak to Northland College—and may someday bring her back. “I knew this was my time to be here—in my favorite place in the world—and to really focus on learning,” McPeak explained. Focused indeed….  Read More

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Northland College student Kaylee Thornley at whiteboard

Thornley: Passion for Strong Communities

Growing up in Spooner, Wisconsin, allowed graduating senior Kaylee Thornley to experience firsthand the social and economic struggles small communities face today. Understanding that rural communities struggle to keep wealth in the region, Thornley knew she wanted to study methods that would allow her to…  Read More

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Student at poster session.

Welnetz: Science and the Back Country

For some, being stranded on Lake Superior in a boat with two broken motors is reasonable cause for alarm. However, for graduating senior Jordan Welnetz it was “just another day at the office” and a prime opportunity to enjoy the lake she loves. “We didn’t…  Read More

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Student in commencement gown on bus

Don’t Miss the Bus

May is a busy and exciting time for graduating seniors and their families. We want to do our part to alleviate the stress of where to be and when by creating a one-stop, up-to-date information center with details on the schedule, buffet luncheon, gown rental, invitations,…  Read More

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Student works on adaptive bike

Dohrmann: It’s Not About the Money

Choosing a career path was “never about the money” for graduating senior Lynn Dohrmann, who has spent the last four years being of service and providing inclusive opportunities in the outdoors. “I would so much rather be enjoying what I’m doing, than have a lot…  Read More

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Northland sign

Moore to Speak at 105th Commencement

Kathleen Dean Moore, one of the most provocative voices in environmental writing, will be the featured speaker at Northland College’s 105th Commencement. She will also receive an honorary degree as a Doctor of Humane Letters. “Moore’s work brings together the art of the essay, the wisdom…  Read More

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Students sit outside with plates of food.

Confluence: One Last Chance to Dance

The Northland College student experience begins with the Everybody Party—an inclusive tradition that is listed as a favorite memory among students. Students have now added a fitting ending with a semi-formal event they’ve named the Confluence, the coming together of two streams, or the bringing…  Read More

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Chaplain David Saetre at podium

“Nature Boy” Saetre Called Back for Encore

As campus minister at Northland College, David Saetre delivered the baccalaureate address to graduating seniors for twenty years. Last year, he retired to teach—and so delivered his last address. Students are now calling him back to the stage. Since 2006, seniors have voted on a faculty…  Read More

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Northland student stands in Lake Superior

Kert’s Most Awesome Weekend Adventures

Senior Kert Wuestenhagen embarks on an adventure every weekend—he wants to take in all he can before he graduates in May. He’s tackled a variety of adventures including biking, hiking, climbing, and kayaking. All have led him to some of the most beautiful and thrilling locations…  Read More

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Northland College student Kim Oldenborg measures water on a stream.

Oldenborg headed for future in water

For senior Kim Oldenborg, water is more than a life-sustaining resource. Water is her inspiration—academically, personally, and professionally. Initially attracted to Northland College for its proximity to Lake Superior, Oldenborg was excited to begin working as a research technician for the Mary Griggs Burke Center for Freshwater…  Read More

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