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wolf head

Tug of War Over Wolves

Research reveals pendulum swings have negative impacts Assistant Professor of Natural Resources Erik Olson grew up in northern Wisconsin hunting, fishing, and hanging out at his family’s sugarbush. He paddled rivers, hiked trails, and watched the night sky. “That’s why I’m in this field, my strong love of the outdoors,”…

Loon flying over a lake

Wisconsin Loon Population Survey Update

…the number of adult loons and loon chicks. If a volunteer did not see loons on the lake, that was valuable information too, and so noted. This is the only survey that gives us a big picture look at Wisconsin’s loon population, and the results will be used to estimate…

2017 Loon poster Photo by Lorna Rohloff

Foot Waggling Loon Dad Cover of 2017 Loon Poster

…the educational value and the beauty of the photo. What set it apart though from dozens of beautiful loon shots is the foot waggle—”thought to be a comfort movement, possibly used as a means of cooling off,” said LoonWatch Coordinator Erica LeMoine. “It was something we hadn’t seen captured in…

SONWA winning books

SONWA Winners 1991-Present

Nature Books for Adults and Children

Sigurd F. Olson Nature Writing Award Winners • 1991. Open Spaces, Jim Dale Vickery. Sigurd F. Olson Nature Writing Award (SONWA) gave its inaugural award to Minnesota author Jim Dale Vickery for Open Spaces , a book that takes the reader to the unpopulated spaces in North America. Vickery, who…

NIck Smith at booth at Loon Days

My LoonWatch Internship

…giving public presentations, communicating and organizing volunteers, educating the public about our loons, monitoring loons, and filling out data forms. I interviewed and accepted the position beginning in February. Now I can look back at what I have done. I presented at LoonWatch events like the Trout Unlimited Expo, lake…

Aerial shot of campus and surrounding region

Six individuals named to Board of Trustees

…a more sustainable region by integrating the environmental, economic, and social activities to improve the quality of life and well-being of its people. Prior to assuming his current position, Mr. Ullrich served for thirty years at the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Great Lakes regional office in Chicago, working on environmental

Three researchers walking through stream

Tracking Wildlife in the Tropics

…management, collaboratively developed his research project—to assess various wildlife tracking and monitoring devices—with Erik Olson, assistant professor of natural resources. Matzinger was unsure of where to conduct this research. Olson suggested the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica, where he is working on a larger ongoing project in Costa Rica assessing…

Northland College teaching students talk with Washburn fifth graders

Environmental Education

The field and practice of environmental education refers to both formal and non-formal efforts to teach about how natural environments function, how human behaviors shape and influence those natural functions, and how we can change our behaviors in order to sustain a healthy environment for the future of all living…