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Student at city hall meeting

Water Collaborative Connects Communities

…the Chequamegon Bay directly to water resource professionals and initiatives in the area,” said lead organizer Joe Fitzgerald, a graduating senior at Northland College. The conference will feature four sessions with the following speakers and organizations: Water Relationships in the Chequamegon Bay: • Joe Rose, Bad River tribal elder •…

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Springtime Sings: Anna Marian Album Release Concert

April 7, 7:00 pm9:00 pm

Join the Northland College music program for an album release concert with Anna Marian! The concert will be in the Alvord Theatre at the College’s Ponzio Campus Center. Artist’s Note: It’s a full piano set as a replica of the actual piano album Piano in the Forest that I’m releasing…

Survey Says: Citizens Love It Here

Chequamegon Bay residents love where they live—and that’s good for business, according to the Northland College Center for Rural Communities. The Center released results Tuesday from their study, “Roots in Chequamegon Bay: Opportunities for Strengthening Community Attachment,” showing that close to seventy percent of residents are highly attached to the…

Pebble beach

Complexities of Chequamegon Bay

…when most of the main currents travel the opposite direction. Chequamegon Bay is large and complex. “If climate change is going to have an impact anywhere, Chequamegon Bay will be that place,” Lehr said. “It’s shallow and will probably warm up the quickest, and there are anomalies with the way…

student playing instrument

Northland Jazz Concert

April 12, 7:00 pm8:30 pm

Enjoy a concert featuring Northland College students and community members!

student playing instrument

Northland Band Concert

April 11, 7:00 pm8:30 pm

Enjoy a concert featuring Northland College students and community members!

Choir Inauguration

Northland Choir Concert

April 13, 7:00 pm8:30 pm

Enjoy a concert featuring Northland College students and community members!

Lake Superior and beach

Geologic Perspectives on Climate Change

BY DAVE ULLMAN, Assistant Professor of Geoscience On those really hot days in August, I often like to ride my bike down to Maslowski Beach in Ashland to let my mind drift into geologic time. I’ll wade into the cool water and stare out across Chequamegon Bay, imagining a not-so-distant…

Muddy fish creek watershed

Northland Project Aims to Clear Chequamegon Bay’s Muddy Waters

Researchers at Northland College are trying to find ways to limit riverbank erosion that turned Chequamegon Bay to muddy soup after June rainstorms that dumped over 14 inches of rain in some areas of Bayfield County. The project on North Fish Creek is being coordinated by water scientist Matt Hudson…