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This toolbox is for faculty and staff to find what they need during the my.northland.edu website transition. These items will be moved to the new my.northland.edu once it is live. For now, if you don’t find what you are looking for below, please email us to build a more comprehensive toolbox for the staff and faculty.

Click on the bars below to find the links and forms.

The Bridge

The Bridge connects you to campus SharePoint department and team sites. To login, simply use your campus username and password.

Bridge Portal

Events & Announcements

You are making a submission for the PCC electronic bulletin board as well as the website calendar and online announcements. All submissions will be reviewed before posting.

Room Request & Cancellation

Business Cards, Letterhead, & Projects

e2campus Registration

Parking Ticket Appeal

Please limit appeals to circumstances in which the parking ticket was issued in error, i.e. you did not commit a violation.

Being ticketed for a short stop in violation of parking policy or no other available parking is not an acceptable appeal.

Appeals must be received within two weeks of the date of issue of the ticket.

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Update your Profile

Wireless Device Registration

There are some wireless devices (Xbox, Apple TV, Roku, Wii, and others) that have no browser capability. Therefore, you will not be able to register these type of devices yourself.

Submitting the Miscellaneous Wireless Device Registration form below will give the IT Department the information needed to add your device to the wireless network.

If you do not know where to find the MAC address do an internet search for how to find it.

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